Explore Barby Preschool

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Construction Area

Construction is a wonderful way to encourage imagination and develop gross motor skills as well as aiding mathematic development. Is this tower taller or smaller than you? How many bricks have you used to make your model? Can you use the pencil and paper to plan your model? Children will often visit this area with a plan in mind and will help themselves to the resources they need to fulfil their vision as well as bringing other items from different areas such as the animals to make their farm or beds or even using pictures from their local environment to build their favourite place Bab’s shop. 

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Small World Area

Small world is an ideal platform for promoting a child imagination. This play provides them with an opportunity to explore new materials, act out scenarios, build language, question and understand our world and practice social skills. Children have free access every day to a range of information books, natural loose parts and a variety of different small world toys that they can use to recreate or invent their own worlds.


Role Play Area

Role playing enables a child to act out real life experiences and get into character it can help build a child’s confidence and foster those important peer on peer interactions as well as develop their comuniction skills, physical 
development and problem solving. During sessions children have free access to not only the role play kitchen but hairdresses, doctors, denists, dressing up, fabrics and loose parts to allow them to become fully emerged into their play.


Technology Area

Technology has become a big part of our everyday life and can help children learn about our world, develop gross and fine motor skills, as well as promoting turn taking and sharing. At Barby children have access to tablets, cameras, remote control cars and the PC to help aid their own learning by exploring and interacting with the world around them.


Quiet Corner

Preschool is a busy and noisy environment and can sometimes become overwhelming therefore, we have a comfortable and inviting quiet corner with a range of magazines, story and educational books cushions, bean bags and calm down toys so that children can relax and take in the environment.  Children can also use this area to make puppet shows, act out their favourite story or use the story sacks to bring their favourite story to life.


Outdoor Play

We have access to a large, grassed area outside of our room that is fenced off from the rest of the school. We are currently fundraising for this area so that we can provide set areas just like our room so that children can continue their learning outside. 

At the moment the garden is packed away each evening and is set up first thing in the morning with a few key staples such as sand, water, construction, balls and books. Staff will also plan activities each day for the garden that are in line with child’s interests and EYFS. 

We have access to the school’s outside classroom, playground and forest school and we also take the children for a walk to the local park to access their play equipment as well as to the church, orchard and local shop.